According to OSTRA’s owner Chris deRome, “the best way to a service industry person’s heart is through APRON Inc!

“More than once in my many years working with Louisville restaurants I have witnessed the positive effects of APRON’s work. It’s not just the financial aid APRON provides that brings Louisville service industry workers hope, but also the camaraderie and the consideration of such a gift. We will always hold a space for you in Louisville.”

Chef Kyle Christie, OSTRA.

OSTRA is next up for APRON Inc.’s Chef in a Box promotion, but first the bigger picture.

Food & Dining Magazine continues to preview the coming week’s Chef in a Box offering. It’s a tasty fundraising project dating to the summer of 2020, which benefits APRON Inc.’s ongoing grant program.

APRON Inc. was created in 2011 to help provide financial relief to food and beverage industry workers in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area who find themselves in need during times of crises. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, APRON Inc. has stepped up with a far greater volume of assistance to local workers than ever before.

Here’s how Chef in a Box works.

Each week up to fifty people can purchase a Chef in a Box for $50, which actually aren’t boxes but reusable bags provided by APRON Inc. Participating eateries keep $25 toward expenses, while $25 goes to APRON Inc. toward its ongoing grant program.

The contents of Chef in a Bag vary according to the establishment’s specialization and creativity, but you’ll always be able to view the menu in advance and know what you’re getting.

Typically there’ll be tasting selections for two; perhaps a favorite dish of the chef’s, or maybe a meal kit.  Participating eateries also are encouraged to include a gift certificate, coupon, or promotional materials.

OSTRA, and a feast for two.

Chef in the Box Q & A

    • How do I order the box? You contact the featured restaurant directly.
    • When do I call? You can place your order starting on Friday prior to the restaurant’s featured week.
    • Is it pickup or delivery? Each restaurant makes that decision, but usually it’s curbside pickup only.
    • How much are the boxes? $50.
    • How many boxes does each restaurant sell weekly? 50 boxes, although some have allotted more.

Here’s the main attraction for the coming week.

CHEF IN A BOX for TWO, pickup June 2 and 3, 2021: OSTRA, featuring Chef Kyle Christie

Appetizer: Biggest Guacamole.







Salad: Arugula Salad – fresh arugula served with a citrus vinaigrette dressing.




Main: Two Duck Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, with brie, honey and apple chutney.




Veg: Crispy Brussels – Brussels sprouts with citrus salt vinaigrette and parmesan.




Dessert: Two personal crèmes brûlées with sous vide honey lavender.






Cocktail: Mr. Drink, Drink Me Manhattan – barrel aged Old Forrester Manhattan with Benriach “The Smoky Ten” Scotch and a hodgepodge of bitters.






To order: Please call Ostra at (502) 915-0160.

Pick up: Wednesday 2 June and Thursday 3 June, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at OSTRA, 1758 Frankfort Avenue in Louisville.

(All photos by Dan Dry)