The announcements from Con Huevos come fast and furious. Just last month there was a Con Huevos opening.

Con Huevos “eggs-pands” to 2125 S. Hurstbourne Parkway

Soon there’ll be another.

Con Huevos to open at Norton Commons, by David A. Mann (Louisville Business First)

Con Huevos is adding a fifth location, opening in Norton Commons in early 2023. The new location will occupy the space previously held by Ramsi’s Cafe at 10639 Meeting St., which closed in September.

Here’s an excerpt from our 2021 profile of Con Huevos.

There is an old saying in Mexico: Desayunar como rey, comer como príncipe y cenar como mendigo.

Or, eat breakfast like a king, eat at midday like a prince, and have supper like a beggar.

Conversely, Italians generally opt for a quick coffee and pastry in the morning, reserving their leisurely large meals for 8:00 p.m. or later. These culinary norms vary widely across the globe.

Rather than choose from these alternatives, many Americans embrace the generosity of our nation’s edible melting pot by according a lavish royal treatment to all three daily meals.

When it comes to international cuisine, both language and custom can be pretty confusing– especially when you’re hungry. But sometimes there’s a happy moment of clarity. And here’s some good news for those of us who are mostly monolingual but have global appetites. These days, if you crave an international breakfast experience you only need to know two Spanish words: con and huevos. Or as we say in English: “with eggs.”