Apparently there has been a competition brewing between Louisville’s Against the Grain Brewery and Bloomington’s Upland brewery. AtG has now declared itself the winner with its new Overcompensation Double IPA.

In a press release, AtG announced, with not a trace of humble-bragging, “We don’t need to tell you that our IPA is bigger than Upland’s; you know who we are, and you know what we do. Upland thought they could strap on their Chacos, jump on their fixed gear bikes and beat us. But, no surprise, they ended up peddling twice as hard just to go half the distance. ‘Literally everything we do is better than them,’ said Sam Cruz, Against the Grain Visionary. ‘Everyone knows that we’re better. I mean even the Bloomington Herald knows.””

In the press release, Pete Batule, VP of Brewery Operations at Upland, does not concede much: “I recently got to try Against the Grain’s version. I wouldn’t call it a big IPA, but it’s a good size,” he sniffed.

Against the Grain describes its Overcompensation IPA as “heady, hoppy, and …big. Just like all of our other beers, it’s the best thing we’ve ever made. Our DIPA has an enormous ABV of 10%, while Upland’s is barely even above 9.9%. We didn’t have to make a recipe, this comes so naturally we can do it in our sleep. ‘We just put hops into it,”’ said Cruz. ‘Our hops are better. We just get them from better places. What else can I say? We’re just better.’”

Both Upland’s and AtG’s new IPAs will be available in cans in Louisville starting Halloween weekend.