Butchertown Grocery will open a free-standing bakery in a commercial space at 729 East Main Street. 

Butchertown Grocery Bakery’s forthcoming location lies kitty-corner across Main Street from the Quills Coffee Firehouse and a half-mile from Butchertown Grocery’s digs in the former Blind Pig, where pastry chef Barbara Turner and her staff have been laboring since 2015 in cramped quarters upstairs baking baguettes, buns, focaccia, bialy, and other fresh breads.

“The bakery team has been doing so much out of that tiny room,” said Turner in a news release. “I literally cried when I found out that I would have a brand new space dedicated to my craft. I can’t wait for the neighborhood to smell like fresh baked bread.”

In addition to Butchertown Grocery’s popular breads, an assortment of pastries, sweets and snacks will be served at the new bakery alongside suitable beverages.

The bakery will have a full-service coffee shop, and for a truly unique twist, will also serve beer. Bakery patrons will be able to purchase exclusive bourbon bottles from Butchertown Grocery Barrel Selects, only available by the bottle at the bakery, or by the drink at Butchertown Grocery.

“I’m excited to have another venue for us to showcase our love of delicious, authentic food in a neighborhood that means everything to us,” added Bobby Benjamin, owner and executive chef at Butchertown Grocery.

Benjamin’s and Turner’s baking project stands to be a timely addition to a neighborhood that’s growing rapidly; if development plans proceed as scheduled, a seven-story, 305-unit apartment complex is slated for the Service Tanks industrial acreage facing the bakery across Main.

Menu details and opening hours for Butchertown Grocery Bakery have yet to be determined, but Turner and Benjamin hope to begin baking by the fall of 2019.