We bid a loving and respectful farewell to Tim Marshall, co-owner with his wife Angie of The Starving Artist Café & Deli in Lyndon. Tim’s lengthy (and crowd-pleasing) careers in both music and the hospitality industry are wonderfully summarized at Legacy: Tim Marshall (1965 – 2024).

Ironically, The Starving Artist is featured in our most recent print edition of F&D, as profiled by Kevin Gibson in his column, “Off the Eaten Path.” The essay is a fitting tribute to Tim, additionally honoring Angie and their life together, and recognizing the loyal community of friends and patrons that has gathered around a unique and cherished eatery.

As of this moment, The Starving Artist has served notice that it will be reopening next week, on or around Feb. 7.  Photo credit (interior): Melanie Rudolph, via Google.