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Paseo, a wood fire concept coming to The Myriad Hotel in the Highlands

Let’s get up to speed about The Myriad Hotel’s in-house purveyors of victuals.

PaseoIn Spanish, “paseo” implies a leisurely stroll; in Louisvillian, Paseo is the Mediterranean- and Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in The Myriad Hotel (900 Baxter Avenue) amid the walkable Highlands, where diners can experience casual ambience as they enjoy locally-sourced and chef-driven dishes like paella (with land and sea options), chorizo octopus, and harissa cauliflower steak.

SwitchboardMyriad Hotel’s versatile sidekick to its main Paseo restaurant offers morning coffee-with-pastry, evening cocktails, and a Middle Eastern-influenced, day-long-small-bite menu, these nibbles ranging from olives, pickles and labneh to a smoked fish rillete and sherry gigante beans.

Point A: Paseo is up and running, and Switchboard officially opens on September 14.

Point B: In recognition of the opening, and in celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, an event/demonstration/class called Spirited Sweets: Cooking with Bourbon will be held at Switchboard on Sunday, September 17 from 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., featuring Makers Mark.

Chef Sydney Ulrich will teach guests how to incorporate bourbon into different desserts, including bourbon syrup for poke cake, spiced bourbon glaze for nuts, and bourbon whipped cream. Bourbon affogatos (an Italian coffee-based dessert) also will be created.

Tickets are $50.00 per person and must be purchased in advance owing to limited space. For additional information, and to reserve a seat, visit Spirited Sweets: Cooking with Bourbon on Eventbrite.