Cocoberry Pops is the newest addition to the eating choices in the Beechmont area, which has quietly been adding ethnic restaurants and cafés for several years now. Cocoberry Pops, owned and operated by Bipin Kachhadiya and his family, serve frozen fruit and cream-based popsicles made in-house from fresh ingredients.

According to a story in the Courier-Journal, the popsicle shop is the first business for the Kachhadiya family. After considering a frozen yogurt store, they decided that that niche was full, and developed their popsicle shop instead.

The idea for Cocoberry was inspired by the Mexican frozen fruit treat paletas, which are often served by street carts.  The pops are made from fruits and cream in flavors like strawberry-lemonade, watermelon, honeydew, sweet tea, pineapple and mango for the fruit pops. Creamy pops come in flavors such as chocolate, coconut, banana, orange cream, caramel, butter pecan and avocado.

It should go without saying, but the shop makes clear nonetheless that their products are vegetarian and vegan, and are gluten free.

Cocoberry Pops is located at 323 W. Woodlawn Ave. Their website can be seen here