The coronavirus is still with us, although the devil remains firmly embedded within the details.

Even those who are convinced that the nation as a whole has hit a tipping point acknowledge that individual metropolitan areas, states or regions with low levels of vaccination could experience outbreaks throughout the spring and summer.

See the article at NPR for more: U.S. Vaccinations May Be Reaching A Tipping Point In Fight Against Virus, Experts Say.

So, what is Kentucky’s level of vaccination?

Location Doses given Fully vaccinated % of population fully vaccinated




Based on the governor’s actions yesterday, the vaccination rate in Kentucky appears to be sufficient to merit a further easing of emergency protocols for food and drink businesses in the state. Here’s the rest of the story.

Here’s when Gov. Andy Beshear will lift the curfew on Kentucky bars and restaurants, by Marty Finley (Louisville Business First)

Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday that he plans to end the curfew for bars and restaurants on May 28 that has restricted hours of operation for months during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bar seating will also be allowed again.

The curfew’s end comes after Beshear set new limits on hours of operation for the state’s bars and restaurants in March that allowed those businesses to stay open longer.

May 28 is a notable day on the calendar for the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions in Kentucky. Beshear previously said all events and businesses catering to 1,000 or fewer people will increase to 75% capacity that day, while those events of more than 1,000 people are being boosted to 60% capacity.