Nouvelle is a small neighborhood wine bar and bottle shop on a mission to serve our community excellent wine from unique producers in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Nouvelle (214 S. Clay St.) has announced that John Grisanti is the wine bar’s new owner. Grisanti has worked at Nouvelle since its inception in 2017, and has served as the establishment’s manager for two years.

In a news release Grisanti (son of Louisville restaurateur Michael Grisanti) spoke to his role as owner at Nouvelle.

“My obsession with food, beverage and the hospitality experience has taken me around the world, hungry for a deeper understanding of the experiences that transcend cultures to build communities through dining. With hospitality in my blood, I love building relationships with people through sharing unique offerings in an inviting atmosphere. It was only a matter of time before I found a lasting home where I can contribute to a growing community back in Louisville.”

Former Nouvelle owners Scott and Lauren Justice authored their own recommendation for Grisanti’s new role.

“John’s experience and passion for hospitality are a big part of what made Nouvelle such an exciting and welcoming place for the past four years, so we are thrilled to see him take the reins. We’re confident that he will continue Nouvelle’s traditions of excellence, variety, education, and high product standards that make it such a gem in Louisville’s scene.”

Here is the post at Nouvelle’s Facebook page revealing the ownership change.

Photo credit: Jessica Fey.