SuperChefs: Indulge your inner superhero! Serving imaginative breakfasts and southern style fare Wednesday-Sunday. Celebrity Chef Darnell Ferguson is the Founder/Co-Owner.

Belated birthday wishes to Darnell Ferguson of SuperChefs (1702 Bardstown Road).

One of Chef Ferguson’s wishful considerations while blowing out the candles may have been a future relocation site for SuperChefs.

As Dahlia Ghabour revealed in the Louisville Courier Journal, the lease for SuperChefs’ space comes up for grabs on August 1, so it’s probably a case of “when,” not “if” for new digs. The restaurateur openly shared his thought processes with Ghabour.

SuperChefs may be moving. Louisville chef Darnell Ferguson wants your help deciding where

Ferguson said he would rather have his own restaurant space in the future, and he’s “thinking about where we want to be for the next 10 years.”

“The Highlands ain’t what it was,” he said. “Now we have Frankfort Avenue, NuLu, Hurstbourne Parkway, everywhere is expanding. The climate is changing, and we want to make sure we are in the proper location.”

Ferguson also said he wants to downsize the restaurant to between 2,000- and 2,500-square-feet and make it more “reminiscent of a Waffle House.” He wants SuperChefs to be known for its waffles the way IHOP is known for its pancakes.

Ferguson welcomes public input, so you can message him at SuperChefs social media: Instagram and/or Facebook.