Zagat, whose guides to U.S. restaurants have long directed customers to good eats, has named Louisville one of seven up-and-coming food towns in the U.S.

It’s a suitable honor to be sure. The other six include Nashville, Birmingham, Ala., Athens, Ga., Boulder, Colo., Salt Lake City and Charleston, S.C. That last one … hmm … we think that long ago passed the “up and coming” level, but alas, it’s Zagat’s list. The others really are some rockin’ restaurant towns, so if your travels take you there, have your fork handy.

What’s cool is this is one more bit of national recognition for our local restaurants, something that’s become a community treasure that seems to expand by the day. And though the article says Louisville’s restaurant scene has really come on strong in the last five years, we know it’s been a beast for decades now. We’ll grant them a little grace in catching on late.

Go Louisville!

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