Apologies for getting to this one belatedly, but tonight and during carryout weekends to come, the chefs at 610 Magnolia have put together a curbside pickup “party in a box” called Big Night In. It’s available on Friday and Saturdays, and will change weekly.

For this evening, Big Night In is Korean barbecue: Bulgogi Shortribs, Marinated Porkbelly, Kimchi, Lettuce, Rice, Ban-Chan, Gochujang and Ssamjang. Takeaway Korean beers and cocktails can be added, and all guests will be given the keys to a truly unique bonus, Chef Edward Lee’s karaoke playlist via Spotify. Cost is $45 for two, $90 for 4. 


Future Big Night In menus are being planned. They’ll always include dinner, drink options and an activity or entertainment. 

The LEE Initiative’s Restaurant Workers Relief Program has been based at 610 Magnolia, Lee’s quintessential Louisville restaurant, since the effort’s inception six weeks ago. Yesterday the organizers offered an update at Facebook:

Thanks to the support from our partners at Maker’s Mark and countless individuals, companies, musicians, filmmakers, chefs, servers and everyone in between, this program continues to grow. Over 100,000 meals in just a few short weeks. Help us keep it up by donating at the LEE Initiative website. For those in need of assistance, follow the restaurant leading efforts in your community for more frequent updates and stay tuned for the list below to continue growing.

Then there’s a spicy national partnership to report.


In a final note (they’re coming fast and furious), Pappy & Co is holding an online auction of a 25-year-old Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon barrel head to benefit the LEE Initiative, as well as donating the proceeds from the sale of many shirts and other items. Full details here.