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Dean Corbett’s high-style elegant East End restaurant Corbett’s – An American Place is now simply Jack’s at Corbett’s, but still at 5050 Norton Healthcare Blvd. The ambiance will now more closely resemble the casual sophistication of Corbett’s other businesses, Equus and Jack’s Lounge in St. Matthews.

The rebranding is an effort to make the restaurant less of a special-occasion dining spot and more of an upscale neighborhood hangout, where patrons might stop in several times a week, instead of just reserving it for an anniversary or birthday dinner.

Popular high-ticket menu items such as its Parmesan crusted halibut and prime filet of beef, will remain, and there will still be special wine dinners and menu tastings.  But the menu has been scaled back a bit with items for under $15 such as nachos chicken wings and a burger.

According to a story in Insider Louisville, Corbett decided to listen to customers who told him they would be happy to stop in more frequently if the feel of the place were more like Equus and Jack’s Lounge, where people feel they don’t have to dress up, and so are more comfortable visiting two to four times a week, with a menu that has a mix of price points.

One side of the dining room will maintain a formal aura, but beyond the bar the decor will be more rustic, with tables made of reclaimed wood and a lounge area that feels like a living room. Corbett told Insider Louisville that he has already seen repeat customers more frequently, and though the average bill is smaller, his sales volume has improved.