We know, the headline ain’t so sexy, but we’re sticking with the facts and hoping you read further—because this event is significant for li’l ol’ Louisville.

Our fair city has been chosen to host the second-annual James Beard Foundation‘s Chefs Boot Camp for Policy Change.

Since those outside the culinary world might not realize why this is important, allow us to explain why it is.

1. This is the James Beard Foundation’s way of recognizing Louisville as a city where chefs and restaurants operate on the principles of feeding guests fresh food farmed sustainably. Hell, several of our best chefs have done this for a quarter century. It’s nothing new here. (Heck, what do we have, something like 37 farmers markets?) Better said: They walk the talk.

2. Though hundreds of chefs applied for the invitation to this 2.5 day “retreat,” only 15 were selected, among them, Kathy Cary, chef-owner of Lilly’s—A Kentucky Bistro. (During the meeting they discuss how they can effect change in the way the U.S. produces its food, and they close the gig out with a big meal they’ll cook together at Woodland Farm in Oldham County. Sounds fun, eh?)

The first JBF Boot Camp was held in 2012 at Blackberry Farm, where food and luxury are arguably unsurpassed at any U.S. resort. Year two, it comes to Louisville, where it’s hosted at 21C Hotel and Proof on Main. That REALLY says something.

The event will happen sometime in May, but since word leaked out about this event before the Beard Foundation got the chance to announce it, it’s not supplying any further details, such as the exact date or names of the other 14 chefs headed here. Regardless, you get the gist of it.

Again, a really cool event. Read more about it at Insider Louisville.