Troy King is making an early bid for the title of 2021’s busiest NBA general manager indie restaurateur in Louisville. Fortunately King’s chess moves are slightly less complicated than yesterday’s four-team trade that brought James Harden to New Jersey and sent Victor Oladipo to Houston. As the adage goes, there are no first round draft picks in the food and drink biz.

  1. King’s Six Forks Burger Co. is moving from Shelby Park (1270 S. Preston St.) to larger quarters in Schnitzelburg (1039 Ash Street)
  2. Six Forks Burger Co.’s vacated Shelby Park space will be occupied by Fry Daddy’s, King’s new “urban poutine” concept
  3. A second Fry Daddy’s will displace Pollo — A Gourmet Chicken Joint, another of King’s existing spots (in Clifton at 1991 Brownsboro Road)
  4. Finally, Pollo – originally a food truck, which King expanded into the Clifton address in 2020 – will revert to mobile chicken only, sans bricks and mortar

In February, King hopes to have reopened Six Forks in Schnitzelburg (with an alcohol permit), and debuted Fry Daddy’s in Shelby Park and Clifton. By the end of the year, he’s aiming to open two additional Fry Daddy’s locations in the metro area.

The preceding depiction was drawn from two articles by Dahlia Ghabour at the Louisville Courier Journal: Six Forks Burger Co. is moving, announces ‘urban poutine’ concept taking over old space, and Pollo restaurant in Clifton to close, new loaded fries concept to take over space.

King also explained his Fry Daddy’s idea for “urban poutine” to Ghabour, and he plans to expand the menu at the new Six Forks location.

“We call it Fry Daddy’s because everything is fried,” King said. “We take french fries, drench it in good cheese and let you pick the protein and choose from 12 sauces.”

Protein options will include chicken, vegan chicken, bacon, steak, shrimp, pork, snow crab and lobster. King said he specifically chose a ridged fry style called “clear-coated tin roof fries” from Simplot Foods because they stay warm and crispy for 40 minutes, making it ideal for takeout and delivery.

Prices for the urban poutine range from $8 for the chicken to $22 for lobster and snow crab toppings, King said. And there’s a sauce for everyone’s taste, from lemon garlic lobster to mango habanero steak and shrimp and chicken bacon ranch dishes.